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Meet Triptcip

A new way for music producers and their fans to engage in the new creative economy.

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Like you, we see the potential NFTs hold in making various creative industries fairer to their participants.

In the last 12 months, the world of art saw the new Renaissance.

Long-time artists have received their long-overdue appreciation. New artists were discovered. And fans were involved in ways previously not possible.

We love it. And we believe the world of music is next, so we're here to contribute to it.

Our mission is to liberate artists and create a unique experience between the worlds of music and crypto. And we'd love to have you along for the trip.

Starting July 2021, Triptcip aims to become an NFT host platform for the many talented electronic music artists.

The NFTs sold on Triptcip are called "Sequences", which will be released on an exclusive basis through collaborations.

Each sequence contains the audio file, unique avatar and of course the amazing visuals build with Void.



A visual synthesizer.

Visuals made with Void consist of multiple layers of shaders and render in the browser, in real time. With Void you can customize all the shader parameters.

Automation is one of Void's key features, allowing you to change any parameter over time, synced to your music. Much like LFO's and Envelopes.

Void is the result of months of passionate coding, brainstorming and tweaking. It's based on the original source code of the famous Milkdrop 2.

With Void, you have VJ superpowers, and it allows you to synthesize unique, trippy audio visualizations.

We're working on features like: a custom shader editor, 3D geometry, videos and more crazy stuff.


Compose and arrange visuals for your tracks

Void also has a visual sequencer, which allows you to mark regions in the audio waveform and select or create visuals you want to appear.


Q1 2021
Building the platform
Building Void v1.0
Smart contract auditing
Q2 2021
Beta launch
Initial marketing
Building Void v2.0
Beta launch
Q3 2021
Initial marketing
Artist onboarding
First NFT drop
Development of layer-2 solution
Further recruitment of artists
Launch of secondary sales model


We're a small team of dedicated web and crypto developers with a passion for electronic music, music production, visual art and crypto.
Mike Vercoelen
Mike Vercoelen
Founder - Developer, UI / UX
A versed "internet creative" with over 10 years of successful professional experience in software development. Also, founded two other music production related startups, Pitcch and Stereogate. Believes in simplicity, good taste, and effective planning.
Vince Smolders
Vince Smolders
Founder - Marketing
Digital marketing and business development since 2017. Highly experienced with brand & concept advancement. Running music production startups Pitcch and Stereogate. Discovering a blend of crypto and electronic music.
Arthur Yurchak
Arthur Yurchak
Internet marketing multi-tool. Involved in blockchain space since 2016, working with Nordic Blockchain Association. Runs a marketing lab that helps startups find product-market fit. Recent music theory nerd.
Darren Otgaar
Graphics Programmer
Our South African hero, brain and consultant behind Void's visual rendering system. Highly skilled computer graphics programmer with years of industry experience.
Alyona Chervinska
Alyona Chervinska
Visual artist
Digital artist and graphic designer since 2014. Portrait, graphic, oil and wallet paint artist since childhold. Was born with a brush in her hand.
Raphaël Comte
Raphaël Comte
Finances, Research
Background of Micro-engineering and quant finance. Former Pricing Analyst at Citibank and Senior Quant trader at Oak Hill Investments. Specialized in crypto derivatives trading since 2017.